C++ Assignemnt


C++ Assignemnt


Use a Linked List and a set of Derived Classes from a Base Class to demonstrate polymorphism in C++. To do so, alter linked-list source code to run a family of mobile phone derived classes, and create a menu to demonstrate the functionality.  Students are allowed  to work in groups or cohorts. For ease of submission, please e-mail the instructor the members of your cohort before the due date.


The Linked List


Sample code is available to create a linked list on Blackboard.  Alter this code to create a linked list capable of handling the derivation tree of a series of mobile phones. The base class is mobile phone.


The linked list must be an independent class, and must have the following data and functions:

  • MobilePhone * head – a pointer to the first location in the linked list.
  • MobilePhone * tail – a pointer to the last location in the linked l

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