C++ Basic

#1. Timetest (30 points with 25 points for write-up and 5 points for timetest.cpp) The purpose of this question is to explore how different ADTs affect the runtime of a program.  The program simply inserts and/or deletes data items from an ADT.  The sequence of insert and delete operations is specified in a data file.  You will find four data files (File1.dat, File2.dat, File3.dat, and File4.dat) in ~neff/60/p1 that model different types of behavior and you should use these to analyze the performance of different ADTs.  The first line of each data file summarizes the operations in the file.    You will submit a typed, double-spaced, 2-4 page report (writeup.pdf) that summarizes your findings on the performance of each ADT for these different sets of operations.  Also submit the driver program described below.


Start by writing a driver program, timetest.cpp, that will ask for the name of an input file that contains a list of commands and then repeatedly ask the user for the ADT t

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