Commandline Console

Create a site that provides a web, form-based “Linux Shell” supporting basic commands that can be
performed on a remote “fake” in-memory le system. In this homework you’ll be working with:
Serving static les
Handling forms, both GET and POST
A JavaScript Object Representation of a Simple File System
You’ll be creating 2 pages:
home – : a basic form that allows users to select a distribution of Linux Operating System.
vfs (virtual le system) – /vfs : a page that allows users to manipulate resources of a virtual le
system by submitting Linux commands through two forms and see system states returned from the
server (This is an in-memory le system).
Your directory layout should look similar with the following
once you’re done with the assignment (though
it can deviate from this example based on your implementation):

In the
views directory, you are not required to have the same les as above. If you’d like, you can use
template partials to reduce redundant markup. This was not covered in class, but you can check out the

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