CS2110 Assignment 5

Java 程序代写

The Problem

The design team at AppsUnlimited has come up with the concept for a new app to help users find restaurants when they


The prototype UI is given shown above. Basically the user enters two pieces of data, namely

1. How far they are willing to travel (e.g. 1.5 km), and

2. How much they are willing to spend, (e.g. $20).

The user can then do three types of search, namely

 All: Display all restaurants that match the user’s criteria.

 Best: Display those restaurants that match the user’s criteria and for which there is no other restaurants that are

both cheaper and closer.

 Ranked – Displays the same restaurants as Best button but the restaurants are ordered by rank. The rank of a

restaurant is the count of number of restaurants that match the constraints and are both farther and more


The Data

This application is to be based on a Restaurants file which contains the following information for each restaurant:

o Name,

o Street address

o Average meal price,

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