Java Program

This programming assignment has two programs:
1) a Java application (HourGlass) that displays an hourglass shape on the console outputting individual
hourglass and filler surrounding characters one character at a time using nested loops, and
2) extending the Mickey program from PA2 to be more Object-Oriented and add some additional functionality.
You are required to provide a text file named README, NOT Readme.txt, README.pdf, or
README.docx, etc. with your assignment in your pa3 directory. There should be no file extension after the file
name “README”. Your README should include the following sections:
Program Description ( 3 points ) :
Explain how the user can run and interact with each program. What sort of inputs or events does it take
and what are the expected outputs or results? How did you test your program? How well do you think
your program was tested?
Write your README as if it was intended for a 5 year old or your grandmother. Do not assume your
reader is a computer science major. The more detailed the explanation, the more points you will
Short Response ( 7 points ) : Answer the following questions:
Vim related Questions:
1. How do you jump to a certain line number in your code with a single command in vim?
For example, how do you jump directly to line 20? (Not arrow keys)
2. What command sets auto-indentation in vim? What command turns off (unsets)
auto-indentation in vim?
3. What is the command to undo changes in vim?
4. In vim, in command mode, how do you move forward one word in a line of code?
Move back one word? (Not arrow keys)
Unix/Linux related Questions:
5. How can you remove all .class files in a Unix directory with a single command?
6. How do you remove a Unix directory? Define the commands you would run on the terminal
when the directory is empty and when it is not empty. How do these command(s) differ?
7. What is the command to clear a Unix terminal screen?

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