Prelab Assignment

You must meet all base requirements in the syllabus to receive any credit.
Work in your Prelab06 directory, and do not copy any data les into that folder.
Remember to commit & push the required le(s) to GitHub periodically. We will only grade
what’s been pushed to GitHub!
Do not push to GitHub any le that is not required. You will lose points if your repository
contains more les than required!
Make sure you le compiles. You will not receive any credit if your le does not compile.
Name and spell the le, and the functions, exactly as instructed. Your scripts will be graded by an
automated process. You will lose some points, per our discretion, for any function that does
not match the expected name.
Make sure your output from all functions match the given examples. You will not receive points
for a question whose output mismatches the expected result.
Unless otherwise specied, you cannot use any external library, but you can use any module in the
Python Standard Library to solve this lab, i.e. anything under:
Make sure you are using Python 3.7 for your Prelab.

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