python csv assignment

  • Write a command-line program that reads a comma-separated (CSV) file and reports some basic statistics of the data in the file.

    The program must have the comment at the top of the program file: “I certify this submission as my own original work completed in accordance with the Suffolk University Academic Integrity Policy. ZZZ”, where ZZZ is the full name of the student.

    The program shall ask the user to enter the name of a CSV file. If the file does not exist, the program shall print the error message: “File XXX does not exist.” where XXX is the file name, as entered by the user, and exit. Use the attached file grades.csv for testing.

    The program shall read the file contents. Assume that the file has a perfect rectangular structure: each uncommented row has the same number of columns, and each column has the same number of rows. A row that begins with a pound sign # is commented and shall be i

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