Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment Analytics

Term Project


The term project for this class, due the last week of the semester, consists of a presentation demonstrating the use of the Natural Language Processing techniques you’ve learned in the course.  You will choose a data set, and use the tools of your choice to analyze the data.  In your presentation, you will describe the data and present the results of your analysis in the categories shown below.  You may use screen shots, diagrams, tables, and text in your slides.  You will also need to record audio of yourself presenting each slide of your report.  This project accounts for approximately one third of your grade in this class, so be sure to do the best work you can do.




You may choose any data set you would like to work on, as long as it contains at least 1000 distinct unstructured texts.  This can be a collection of Twitter data, blog posts, e-mails, news reports, or similar data.  The following links contain

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