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CSCI212 assignment3 solution: shell interpreter implementation



Assignment 3 (7.5 marks)

Due 11:59pm Sunday May 17, 2015.

The aim of this assignment is to write a simple shell interpreter demonstrating you knowledge of process

control. In addition to this you will get some experience with file system API’s.

Task One (4.5 marks)

You first task is to write a simple shell interpreter, which executes commands. You shell interpreter should

display a $ prompt and wait for user input.

You shell interpreter is to be a little simplistic, all you can do is execute commands. If a command cannot be

found you should display a suitable error message. When executing a command the shell interpreter should

wait until the command terminates. To implement command execution simply use the function call fork()

and exec(). Note that there are many variations on the exec() function call. To block the shell, you

should use the wait() (or similar) function call.

At the end of this step you should be able to do this:

$ ./foobar

./foobar does not exist.

$ ls

b+ tree implementation


In this project, you will implement a B+-tree in which each node contain entries of the form [key, ptr] and some required header information. In the leaf node, ptr is the pointer pointing to the record id of a data record with search key value, and in the non-leaf node(index node), ptr is the pointer pointing to the child node which may be index or leaf node. Since we are not implementing data file layer in this project, we will keep all leaf node pointers NULL. You must implement the full search and insert algorithms as discussed in class. In particular, your insert routine must be capable of dealing with overflows (at any level of the tree) by splitting pages. Keys should be stored in sorted order. Deletes will be handled by simply deleting the key and pushing the remaining keys in the node. You do not need to implement merging of nodes on deletes. But, you do need to keep all nodes updated without any holes when records are deleted(i.e, when you delete a key

c struct and linked list

CIS 342        Homework 2       Points 100           Due: May 4th, 2015.




  • In this homework you are expected to code in C language using Struct and linked list in UNIX environment.
  • Compilation of the necessary files are to be done in a makefile which should resolve all dependencies between headers and C source codes




  1. Create students: …………………………………………………………………………………………………. (25 points)


  • Create a Struct called Student with the following attributes in a file named Student.c

Name (String)

ID (int)

GPA (double)


  • Also in the Student.c file define functions
  • setName (char* name[size])
  • getName()
  • setID(int)
  • getID()
  • setGPA(double GPA)
  • getGPA()

CS110 HW5 solution

CS110: Introduction to Computing
Spring 2015, Tue/Thu, 5:30 PM – 6:45 PM
Instructor: Pejman Ghorbanzade
Assignment 5
Release Date: Apr 19, 2015 at 00:00 AM
Due Date: Apr 30, 2015 at 05:30 PM
Question 1
Write a program that controls two airplanes, one plane1
a commercial plane from Eagle company and one plane2, a ghter-bomber
from Dragon company. All airplanes y at some altitude and with some
speed. They take o and land. Just as bombers may drop bomb (if they
have any) while they are in sky, commercials can board passengers (as much
as their capacity allows) while grounded.
Assuming all planes made by Eagle have 300 seats, y at 39000 ft and 550
mph and all planes made by Dragon have 2 bomb bays and y at 30000 ft
and 1000 mph, develop classes Aircraft, Bomber, Commercial, Eagle and
Dragon and use them in a program
Question 2
Your manager has just learned basic concepts of interfaces and abstraction in
Java and has asked you to implement the methods in the following interface

k-nearest neighbor search

Objective. The purpose of this assignment1 is to create a symbol table data type whose
keys are two-dimensional points. We’ll use a 2d-tree to support ecient range search (nd
all the points contained in a query rectangle) and k-nearest neighbor search (nd k points
that are closest to a query point). 2d-trees have numerous applications, ranging from
classifying astronomical objects to computer animation to speeding up neural networks
to mining data to image retrieval.
Geometric Primitives. Use the immutable data type Point2D for points in the plane.
Here is the subset of its API that you may use:
p u b l i c c l a s s

design and implement a 3D graphics


game Battleship python implementation

4.1 Overview

Computer games are nearly as old as electronic computers themselves. The first tic-tac-toe game was programmed on an EDSAC vacuum-tube computer. Your job will be to expand the Battleship program started in earlier labs into a fully-playable game.

4.2 The game of Battleship

Wikipedia has a thorough description of the origins of the game of Battleship. For purposes of this assignment, follow the following rules.

1.The game is played between two players (one human and one computer for your program).

2.Each player has an identical set of ships. Each ship has a length, a name (e.g., “submarine”), and a symbol (a letter, e.g., “S”).

3.Each player has a grid, called the “battle board”,  which is mostly hidden from the other player. The grid is used for marking the locations of the pl

CS111 Spring 2015 Project Description

In this project you will be using the knowledge you gained from lectures and homeworks and applying them to a lengthier programming assignment. The answers to some of your questions do not strictly reside in this document. You are encouraged to look at other sources for inspiration. This semester’s project will involve Creating a 2D game. This is an individual project, and as such you will be held to the University’s academic integrity policies. You are welcome to discuss strategies and ideas with other students (and will be encouraged to in recitation), but you must code the project on your own.


This project is what you make of it. Listed below are point guidelines as to how they relate to the number of points given to the project (total 100). However, you should not be limited by what we suggest the minimum work required here is. To get the most out of this project, I urge you all to push yourselves to find your limits. You might surprise yourself! Good luck!


cloud server c implemenetation

Project 5

CS 485 Project 5: A cloud server


Over the past few years, the concept of a “cloud” where our programs and data can live has become very popular. What makes the cloud possible is a combination of Internet communication (enabling communication with servers located anywhere in the world) and virtualization of resources (enabling providers to offer/sell storage and computation inside the network). We are seeing companies race to put there services in the cloud, and users are rapidly embracing services in the cloud.

One of the most popular services is cloud file storage; the ability to upload your data to the cloud and then to download it whenever your need it to any device that needs it. Today we see an seemingly endless list of cloud storage providers (e.g., Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Apple ICloud, Box, DropBox, MS SkyDrive, SpiderOak, and others).

In this project, you will write your own cloud file storage service called mycloud<