Month: September 2019

Security checklist

1. A single Word document (.docx) – containing all parts.
An Australian advertising company, iCreative, has grown concerned by the global rise in
cybercrime and ransomware.
They have asked you to:
For all branches – Identify and analyse application and networking-based threats to their
company; and
For the Brisbane branch only – recommend preventative and mitigative technologies
and strategies for potential intrusion and attacks on the network.
About the company:
iCreative is a growing advertising company consisting of three branches: The Brisbane (main)
branch; the Launceston branch; and the Portland branch. Each branch has five departments and
there are approximately 25 employees per department. The Brisbane branch has 1 mail server,
2 web servers, and 2 database servers. The Launceston and Portland branches are smaller
branches and so they each have only 1 mail server and 1 database server.
All branches have high-speed networks; however, the traffic can be quite heavy on weekdays.
This is especially true for the Brisbane branch.  

Part I. Potential Threats
You have been provided with a list of complaints from employees about the workstations at
Complaint 1 (Derek): My computer takes forever to start up and shut down. It is just
so slow all the time no matter what I am doing or what program is open.
Complaint 2 (Lexie): I feel like my hard drive is rather small. It only has about 30
document files on it but I keep receiving a notification telling me that my hard drive is
nearly full now. I brought this to the IT department and asked for a bigger hard drive
but they told me that my hard drive is already 2 TB in size and so I shouldn’t need a
bigger one. Instead, they told me to just uninstall any programs that I don’t use. The
only programs that are installed, though, are the ones the IT department installed on
there for me and one extra program that I installed and use every day.
Complaint 3 (Meredith): It takes forever to download a file from the database servers.
It doesn’t even matter what the size of the file is.
Complaint 4 (Alex): I keep receiving email notifications for “Undeliverable message”
but when I look at the messages they aren’t actually emails that I have sent. This is so
annoying and such a waste of time.
Complaint 5 (Richard): I don’t seem to be able to download updates for the antivirus
software or the operating system. It’s so frustrating.
Complaint 6 (Mark): I get very annoyed with the fan in my computer. It’s just so loud.
It seems to be spinning really fast and all the time. Even with no programs open the fan
is going crazy.
Complain 7 (All employees): Difficulty accessing the website, mail and database


Question (20 marks)
For this task you will create a class containing a number of methods for processing an array
of marks, which are scores in a test. Each mark is an integer in the range 0 to 100 inclusive.
On the Interact site for this subject, you have been provided with a class Marks (in Project2
code zipped folder), which has a method getMarks that returns an array of marks for you to
use in testing.
The class ProcessMarks that you create will have the methods specified below. Most will
accept an array of marks as an argument; one will accept an array of characters. The return
type should be appropriate for the returned value.
The max, min and range methods will return the maximum mark, the minimum mark
and the difference between the maximum and minimum marks respectively.
The mean and stdDev methods will return the mean and standard deviation of the set
of marks. Your textbook contains a description of how these can be calculated.
The median method will return the median value of the set of marks. The median
value is the middle one when the values are placed in order. To obtain an ordered
version of the marks you may use an appropriate sort method of the Java API’s Arrays
class. Be careful not to destroy the original array of marks. If there is an even number
of marks, the middle value is taken as the average of the two values that are nearest
to the middle.
The mode method will return the mode of the set of marks, which is the most
commonly occurring mark. To find the mode, use an ordered version of the set of
marks, as used for finding the median. If there is more than one value that is most
common, any one of the most common values will do for the mode.
The grades method will return an array of characters, which are the grades
corresponding to the integer marks in the array of marks. The grades are to be
assigned using the following lower boundaries for the corresponding marks: for grade 

A, the lower boundary is 85; for grade B, it is 75; for grade C, it is 65; for grade D, it is
50; and E is the grade for all other marks. A best solution for this method would not
have the values for the lower boundaries hardcoded but would use an array for these
values, which would allow the grade boundaries to be altered.
The gradeDistn method will accept an array of characters, which are the grades
assigned for the array of marks, such as returned by the grades method. The
gradeDistn method will return an array of integer values containing the distribution of
grades, which is the number of occurrences of each grade in the assigned grades. The
characters used for grades are fixed. The returned array should provide the
distribution in order from grade A to grade E.
The following points should be taken into account in the design of your program:
None of your code should change the contents of the original array of marks.
You should not make any assumption that the client code, that would use your
methods, should call them in any particular. That is, you should not assume that a
client that calls the range method will have previously called the max and min

Database Assignment

This is an individual Assignment. You are not permitted to work as a group when writing
this assignment.
Copying, Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the submission of somebody else’s work in a manner that
gives the impression that the work is your own. The Department of Computer Science and
Computer Engineering treats plagiarism very seriously. When it is detected, penalties are strictly
No extensions will be given: Penalties are applied to late assignments (5% of total assignment
mark given is deducted per day, accepted up to 5 days after the due date only). If there are
circumstances that prevent the assignment being submitted on time, an application for special
consideration may be made. See Student Handbook for details. Note that delays caused by
computer downtime cannot be accepted as a valid reason for a late submission without penalty.
Students must plan their work to allow for both scheduled and unscheduled downtime.
This assignment is to be submitted in soft-copy (either PDF or JPEG) format using
the submission link on LMS, by 10:00 am Monday Sep 2nd, 2019. The submission
link can be found under “Assignment 1 – Part 1” on the subject’s LMS page.
ü Your (Enhanced) Entity-Relationship Model (EER) for the proposed database.
Students are referred to the Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering’s
Handbook and policy documents with regard to plagiarism and assignment return, and also to the
document on ‘Academic Misconduct’ in the subject learning guide.