Database 数据库作业辅导

database 作业辅导

Data Engineering

Answer these questions in best of your abilities within 24 hours. If you are stuck on a technical aspect, write down in words how you would go about answering this questions and what other information would you need.

  1. Attached is a sample dataset with 100,000 rows of random placements, and media exposure by impressions. What queries would you use to analyze the data? (Hint: you need to think about cleaning the data first. Common data problems include duplicates, missing, errors in the data)


  1. Now that you identified issues with the data, do you notice anything particular about this dataset? What queries would you use to investigate? (Hint: think about what you know about digital marketing and do you think these would be good exposures?)


  1. Segment the media exposures into 5 groups. What queries would you use to help you with this? Create a histogram in your answer.


  1. How many green T-shirts do you think are sold in a year? (This is an open ended question, let us know how you would go about this figure)

Sql Assignment

Assume that Garden Glory designs a database with the following tables.

OWNER (OwnerID, OwnerName, OwnerEmail, OwnerType)

PROPERTY (PropertyID, PropertyName, Street, City, State, Zip,OwnerID)

GG_EMPLOYEE (EmployeeID, LastName, FirstName, CellPhone, ExperienceLevel)

SERVICE (PropertyID, EmployeeID, ServiceDate, HoursWorked)

The referential integrity constraints are:

OwnerID in PROPERTY must exist in OwnerID in OWNER

PropertyID in SERVICE must exist in PropertyID in PROPERTY

EmployeeID in SERVICE must exist in EmployeeID in GG_EMPLOYEE

Prepare tables and data:

1.Download Assign-3-create-tables.sql, Assign-3-insert-data.sql, and Assign-3-delete-tables.sql from ANGEL->Solutions->Homework Assignment 3 Solution

2.Delete the tables you have created for Assignment 3-1 in your database usingAssign-3-delete-tables.sql

3.Create tables

CS 4320 CS5320 Homework 2 Solution

康奈尔数据库assignment代写,Java实现B+ tree

题目描述: 1 Coding Part: B+ Tree (50 points) A Note on Academic Integrity: You may discuss your solutions with other students in the class, but do not copy any code from any other students in the class. We will be running submissions through an automated tool that detects code similarity; if you copy code, you will get caught. In this section, you are asked to implement a basic BPlusTree structure as described in the textbook (pages 344-356). For simplicity, you can assume for this project: • no duplicate keys will be inserted • keys will implement interface Comparable 1.1 Description A B+ tree is balanced tree structure in which the index nodes direct the search and the leaf nodes contain the data entries. (1) Constraints and Properties of B+ trees: • Keys are sorted in the nodes. • Nodes are sorted by their keys. For Index Nodes, the B+ tree asserts that for all keys k and adjacent pointers, before(k) and after(k), it must be that: In other words, k is the key that divides the