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网络程序辅导 辅导网络编程作业 socket TCP/IP

Simple TCP like transport layer protocol

CSEE 4119: Computer Networks, Fall 2015
Programming Assignment 2: Simple TCP like transport  layer protocol
Due Friday, November 6 th 11:55 pm
Academic Honesty Policy
You are permitted and encouraged to help each other through Piazza’s web board. This only
means that you can discuss and understand concepts learnt in class. However, you may NOT
share source code or hard copies of source code. Refrain from sharing any material that could
cause your source code to APPEAR TO BE similar to another student’s source code enrolled
in this or previous years. Refrain from getting any code off the Internet. Cheating will be
dealt with severely. Cheaters will be penalized. Source code should be yours and yours only.
Do not cheat.
1. Introduction
In this programming assignment, you will implement a simplified TCPlike
transport layer
protocol. Your protocol should provide reliable, in order delivery of a stream of bytes. It
should recover from innetwork
packet loss, packet corruption, packet duplication and packet

COMP3331/9331 15s2 Assignments (Programming)

COMP3331/9331 15s2 Assignments (Programming)



Programming Assignment (60 Marks + 5 bonus):

Due Date: 23 October 2015, 11:59 pm, Friday


Specification can be found here (version 1.1, Last update: 14/10/15).

Setup script for Java can be found here

Setup script for C can be found here


Sample Client Server Programs:

This is a sample client server program using TCP that you can download and execute. This will provide you with a working example of a simple application and will be useful when you start developing your assignment. As the name suggests this

cloud server c implemenetation

Project 5

CS 485 Project 5: A cloud server


Over the past few years, the concept of a “cloud” where our programs and data can live has become very popular. What makes the cloud possible is a combination of Internet communication (enabling communication with servers located anywhere in the world) and virtualization of resources (enabling providers to offer/sell storage and computation inside the network). We are seeing companies race to put there services in the cloud, and users are rapidly embracing services in the cloud.

One of the most popular services is cloud file storage; the ability to upload your data to the cloud and then to download it whenever your need it to any device that needs it. Today we see an seemingly endless list of cloud storage providers (e.g., Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Apple ICloud, Box, DropBox, MS SkyDrive, SpiderOak, and others).

In this project, you will write your own cloud file storage service called mycloud<