Month: December 2015

Multiple Inheritance & Exceptions

CSCI-1200 Data Structures | Fall 2015
Homework 10 | Multiple Inheritance & Exceptions
For this assignment you will build a class inheritance structure for a small portion of the game of Pokemon.
Your nished program will read an input le (the Pokedex) with facts about di erent Pokemon characters and
determine the speci c class of Pokemon for each entry. Also, if speci ed on the command line, the program
will output information about the breeding possibilities and for extra credit the potential battle matchups.
We use a somewhat quirky method to determine the class for each Pokemon in the input. We pass the
collection of facts (e.g., type(s), egg group(s), catch rate, etc.) to each specialized Pokemon constructor in
turn, and if the constructor doesn’t fail, then we know that the list of facts is indeed that speci c Pokemon.
Remember, the only way for a constructor to fail is to throw an exception.
Pokemon Hierarchy
First, login to the homework submission server to retrieve your assigned list of 10 speci