Assembly 汇编作业



Due: Smartsite Wed., 4/29, 11:55 p.m.
Names of Files to Submit: 64bitAdd.s, editDist.s , div.c, divAssembly.s,
• If you are working in a group ALL members must submit the assignment
• All programs should compile with no warnings when compiled with the -Wall option
• All prompts for input and all output must match my prompts/output. We use a program to grade
your work and tiny differences can cause your work to be marked as a 0.
◦ The best way to avoid being deducted points is to copy the prompt/unchanging portion of
the outputs into your code. Make sure to get the spaces as well.
• You must also submit a file called ReadMe.txt. Include the names of all partners and any
trouble you had on the assignment
• An example ReadMe.txt has been included with this assignment
• The input in the examples has been underlined to help you figure out what is input and what is
• Submit your work on Smartsite by uploading each file separately. Do not upload any folders or
compressed files such as .rar, .tar, .