Several Java Probelm 代写

Several Java Probelm 代写

Problem 1. (Dragon Curves) Write a program Dragon that takes an int value N as

command-line argument and prints the instructions for drawing the dragon curve of

order N. The instructions are strings of F, L, and R characters, where F means “draw

line while moving 1 unit forward,” L means “turn left,” and R means “turn right.” A

dragon curve of order 0 is just the character F, and a curve of order N is a curve of order

N −1 followed by an L followed by a curve of order N −1 traversed in reverse order with

R replaced by L and L replaced by R.

$ java Dragon 0


$ java Dragon 1


$ java Dragon 2


$ java Dragon 3


Dragon curves of orders 0, 1, 2, and 3 and the corresponding instructions are shown


Problem 2. (Visualizing Dragon Curves) Write a program DragonPlot that reads from

standard input the instructions produced by Dragon (from Problem 1) for drawing a

dragon curve, generates a drawing of the curve (shown below), and saves it in a file