GMU cs112 solution

Programming Project 6

This semester you will be writing a program that models elements of recognizing and creating characters. Optical character recognition is an important area of research that allows photographs or printed documents to be digitized; by doing so, these documents are made available for machine-based searching. On the flip side, a system for differentiating between humans and computers: the goal here is to generate a non-machine readable image that a human could identify. CAPTCHA helps reduce the amount of spam on the Internet.

We will implement a highly limited type of image matching, processing, and creation this semester. Rather than write this project at once, we will break the project down into

python Three-card Poker

4.1 Overview

Gambling has a long (and sordid) history on the internet. The history of computer games, however, is

quite a bit older than the internet. For this program, you will develop and code a game ofthree-card

poker. The computer (the Dealer) will play against a single human player (the Player). Your program

should present the game as described below.

4.2 Rules of Three-card Poker

The Player starts with a stake: some pre-determined amount of money ($100 in your program). A

game of Poker consists of a set of sub-games. Before beginning a sub-game, the Player must be able

to bet the ante, a pre-determined amount of money ($10 in your program). In each sub-games, both

the Player and Dealer is dealt a hand of three cards. Each can see their own cards, but not the others.

After seeing the hand, the Player must determine whether he will play or fold. If the Player folds, he

forfeits the ante: his stake is reduced by the ante amount. If the Player elects to play, then the Dealer

must either play or