unmanned lawn mowers c程序代写

代写c程序 二维数组 指针 内存申请与释放

dfs recrusive 遍历所有路径

// ~ Overview ~ //

This exercise will familiarize you with 2-dimensional arrays and
some more file operations.

// ~ Learning Goals ~ //

(1) To learn to perform file operations
(2) To learn to create and manipulate 2-dimensional arrays using
malloc and free function.
(3) To apply recursion to solve a maze traversal problem
// ~ Submitting Your Assignment ~ //

You must submit one zip file to blackboard. This zip file must

(1) pa_answer02.c
(2) pa02.c

You create the zip file using the following command.

> zip pa02.zip pa_answer02.c pa02.c

// ~ Overview ~ //

This exercise will give you more practice with file operations,
memory allocation, and recursion.

You own a business that performs mowing using unmanned lawn mowers
(ULM). Suppose you have just agreed to a contract to provide mowing
service to a corn maze operator. Based on a pre-processed satellite
images of corn maze, where the walls of the corn maze are stored as ‘X’ and
the paths are store

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