CSci2110 – Problem Set 2 solution

Java程序代写: 实现Stack与Queue ADTs

CSci2110 – Problem Set 2

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Design and implement your own reusable implementations of the stack and queue ADTs in Java. The purpose of this question simply is to help you get the feel for the design of reusable classes. Thus the actual data structure programming is fairly straightforward, and you have been given most of the structure of the code. Read the following description ofDouble Ended Queues.

A doubly-ended queue is often called a deque. The interface for a deque is the following (which is slightly different than the one given in the textbook):

public interface Deque { public int size(); public boolean isEmpty(); public void insertFirst(Object o); public void insertLast(Object o); public Object removeFirst() throws EmptyStructureException; public Object removeLast() throws EmptyStructureException; public Object firstElement() throws EmptyStructureException; public Object la

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