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Monday, April 20th, at 5:30pm

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Make sure that you write every line of your code. Using code written by someone else will be considered a violation of the academic integrity and will result in a report to the Dean’s office.

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You are required, but not limited, to turn in the following source files: (You do not need to modify this file.) — complete this file. (You do not need to modify this

CS2110 Assignment 5

Java 程序代写

The Problem

The design team at AppsUnlimited has come up with the concept for a new app to help users find restaurants when they


The prototype UI is given shown above. Basically the user enters two pieces of data, namely

1. How far they are willing to travel (e.g. 1.5 km), and

2. How much they are willing to spend, (e.g. $20).

The user can then do three types of search, namely

 All: Display all restaurants that match the user’s criteria.

 Best: Display those restaurants that match the user’s criteria and for which there is no other restaurants that are

both cheaper and closer.

 Ranked – Displays the same restaurants as Best button but the restaurants are ordered by rank. The rank of a

restaurant is the count of number of restaurants that match the constraints and are both farther and more


The Data

This application is to be based on a Restaurants file which contains the following information for each restaurant:

o Name,

o Street address

o Average meal price,

CSci2110 – Problem Set 2 solution

Java程序代写: 实现Stack与Queue ADTs

CSci2110 – Problem Set 2

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Design and implement your own reusable implementations of the stack and queue ADTs in Java. The purpose of this question simply is to help you get the feel for the design of reusable classes. Thus the actual data structure programming is fairly straightforward, and you have been given most of the structure of the code. Read the following description ofDouble Ended Queues.

A doubly-ended queue is often called a deque. The interface for a deque is the following (which is slightly different than the one given in the textbook):

public interface Deque { public int size(); public boolean isEmpty(); public void insertFirst(Object o); public void insertLast(Object o); public Object removeFirst() throws EmptyStructureException; public Object removeLast() throws EmptyStructureException; public Object firstElement() throws EmptyStructureException; public Object la

CS 4320 CS5320 Homework 2 Solution

康奈尔数据库assignment代写,Java实现B+ tree

题目描述: 1 Coding Part: B+ Tree (50 points) A Note on Academic Integrity: You may discuss your solutions with other students in the class, but do not copy any code from any other students in the class. We will be running submissions through an automated tool that detects code similarity; if you copy code, you will get caught. In this section, you are asked to implement a basic BPlusTree structure as described in the textbook (pages 344-356). For simplicity, you can assume for this project: • no duplicate keys will be inserted • keys will implement interface Comparable 1.1 Description A B+ tree is balanced tree structure in which the index nodes direct the search and the leaf nodes contain the data entries. (1) Constraints and Properties of B+ trees: • Keys are sorted in the nodes. • Nodes are sorted by their keys. For Index Nodes, the B+ tree asserts that for all keys k and adjacent pointers, before(k) and after(k), it must be that: In other words, k is the key that divides the